Is there such a thing as justice within PAC controlled Congressional rules?

On this rare triple-Sunday of spiritual thanksgiving to God, however his name is spelled, where all are supposedly praying for Peace —beware. Lesson one comes from an old answer to today's unbalanced global warming climate change. It is the 'liquid geopolymer rock' religious leaders of the ancient Egyptians used to build the pyramids, as a place of worship. And, history has shown that churches are not safe in a time of 'ridicule and retribution'.

This special Sunday sermon on a mount of be "like a wise man who built his house on the rock" comes from a remote Table Mountain, on the Oregon Coast, not far away from the Cascadia Subduction Zone where when this fault slips, in a time of raising seas, and '100 year' King Tidal surges, will produce a Tsunami equal to the parting of the Red Sea. A miracle for some; a political disaster for others.

So now is the time to demonstrate for spiritual sanity. Your personal vote for global survival for a lucky few— is by buying a ton in place Nepheline Syenite to do something about a "Portland Cement®" (OPC) international cartel hiding the scientific truth about their part in Global Warming Climate Change disaster. It has been documented in many scientific papers that the manufacturing of everyday cement — the second largest used material following water— has been responsible for 7 to 8 percent of greenhouse gas production per year.

Or, as put another way in academic papers, "for every ton of Portland Cement® manufactured by super-heating in coal-fired kilns, another ton of CO2 enters the atmosphere". In 2022 this figure of unasked for pollution was 4.1 Billion Tons, which is expected to raise to 5 Billion tons by 2030.

The reason we want to avoid the science is that each and every breathing person on Planet Earth needs a cubic meter per year of cement for continued growth needs. This is why with an increasing number of failures of out-dated systems, the really big insurance companies escape paying some claims with a force majure clause.

Where somehow, "God and Mother Nature", are the the ones to be indicted across a hard hit "Bible and Tornado Belt" for their "Un-natural and Un-Christian Acts" of not being Golden Rule Stewards of Creator's Planet. Is that nasty fake news? Ask the "Chosen One" about his leadership to the truth!

It also has been suggested by those who should know, that Florida is being punished for politicized unbelievers still laughing at the scientific "An inconvenient Truth" produced by a presidential candidate that really did win the country, except for the hanging chads, as counted by "just get over it", people. Al Gore has been proven right in his warnings. But, Unfortunately, the "Orange Plague" is still attacking diminished cognitive thinking that has the King of Floridian Buffoons tilting at Disney castles.

I need to add from an inside source in Florida —living through a false idol flood in Orange county, California— that needs protection from 'retribution' for leaking yet another stormy squabble between Trump v DeSantis, that is about to, once again, trample the holiday state hoi polloi, by going after PAC supported insurance companies struggling to keep their heads above water by raising rates, which in turn with leaky inflation, is really showing up in a 1920's saying that "building homes in a Miami mangrove swamp was a sink or swim investment".

Of course the MAGA mob deniers that spread anything but the truth, also is guilty of lost lives with repeated lies attacking survival by modern medicine. Even though my generation is walking proof that Smallpox, and Polio could be solved with an ever evolving growth of educated intelligence, Methinks, as a horseman, that a equine worming medicine does not work very well protecting horses asses.

Sometimes, according to THEM, all science is put down with mocking blasphemy, which is a speech crime, thanks to the First Amendment. Also look up "Freedom of the Press" presumably to protect an Asperger's Ben Franklin — writing about separation between Church and State. Ben's answer to one parishioners explanation of the "Wrath of God" and Armageddon Time, in a scholar's trusted source book —and move your lips when reciting, "it is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God."

Without a Federal FEMA, the "God is on our side" Floridian citizens already underwater for listening to the wisdom of false political prophets, will just have have to work out $ 1 Bullion settlements on other out-of-date government approved OPC condos. So who will they sue after insurance company's go broke?

Ask Florida's "Enquirering minds want to know." publisher, or perhaps a famous flapping lips "news radio" hosts — who is going to pay for for a sea level raise along the coastal cities in the southern US. Where a well controlled scientific study, according to England's "The Guardian" that is warning Miami, New Orleans, Houston, with a tidal raise since 2010, of 5 inches, which happens to be twice the global average. In such an instance the Ph neutral Nepheline Filters found in my swimming pool system, may even be of further help during recovery.

And, somehow stretch climate change liability to coastal and Interstate bridges, built with code required steel re-bar reinforcement that rusts —unlike hydraulic cement– within what is becoming a predictable rate rate of failure which when overlaid on a chart showing Global Warming temperatures, raising interest rates, and the master puppeteer Multinational deep state control of their interpretation of our democracy. Which is not a "one for all" distribution of the Earth's natural wealth anymore, since international cartels seem to be in control of human basic needs.

This "greed is good" for a privileged few is happening everywhere, affecting everyone, to control government sheltered, GMO altered seed, toilet paper, and the current crisis-of-the month manipulating the price of energy at the pump—instead of reducing coal carbon by constructing rainwater harvesting embedded solar thin-film into high 'R' value smart-roofs that do not give storm winds a chance to to enter through a weakness.

My complaint, published here, about the blocking of US Nepheline Syenite for PAC supported political, and MEGA corporation control has become very personal. Candidate Trump persuaded voters that FREEDOM stood for not having to deal with bureaucratic control. What happened, thanks to support from a multinational competitor/ contributor Trump selected a Georgian governor Sunny Purdue to "drain the swamp" as Secretary of the already bureaucratic Department of Agricultural/ US Forest Service. Which is why it was fundamentally "wrong" to replace alligators, with special interest crocodiles which quickly became Hatch Act violating bureaucrats who seem to have become embedded in a behind the scenes "clean up" the U.S. Mining Law of 1872 (a companion legislation of Homesteading) in favor of, Elite Cartels 1, Tax Payers 0. I wish I was making enough in this economic war to pay taxes, where perhaps I could write-off the cost of "ghosting" three years of my life.

How did immigrant "Drumpf" found his family fortune? Buy marching across Black Lives Matter Plaza to hold up a photo-op bible in front of a church? To defend his "rightious" flock of sheeple? No. Not too surprising this empire of greed began In a mining camp in Washington, State, before following the Klondike Gold Rush, at Whitehorse, on the Yukon .... by mining, miners... with a gamblers saloon, that also employed a large number of "dance hall girls." Which should not be considered news, form this "minor, miner" journalist that has lost a lot of income through Russia's role with Trumps' deep state meddling with Hatch Act regulations.

My family's mining camp history dates from before the Revolutionary War gold in the Carolina's and Georgia. Where four of my DNA proven Mountain Patriotic great something grandfathers defended Freedom by winning the South at a feldspathic Kings Mountain, and Cowpens. And then we took a little trip as Scots / Irish outcasts to even the score against the Redcoats a wee bit more by totally winning the Battle of New Orleans.

We continued on after being a trail boss on the Oregon Trail, to pioneer the Applegate wagon road to California's Gold Rush Yuba Bar. This is where Uncle Peter Hardeman Burnett helped bring conservation (eco aware) promulgated rules over chaos, as written and adopted 20-years later by Congress as the peoples' Mining Law of '72, before fairly defending Sutter's Mexican land claim, which led to his being elected California's first Governor. Where "The Code of the West" was also used for everyday business by everyone except bankers, railroad, and merchant moguls, that brought in "historically tainted" foreign capital.

Which is part of my story as a U.S. Air Force, London based General LeMay special photo intelligence unit with a one-step above top secret clearance for preparing what went into a now obsolete B-47 nuclear code safe. For my part in avoiding "Mutuality Assured Destruction" of MADness, we were awarded two outstanding unit medals for being shinsplints free. I mention what I learned during the First Cold War; If under a threat of a nuclear attack in this our second, the drill is bend over, stick your head between you legs, kiss your ass goodbye.

Which is the why today I have been writing 'plain mad 'as a prospector of Nepheline Syenite for, trying to deal with "lost" Top Secrete documents about the nuclear invasion of Ukraine benefiting Trump's pal (who delayed arms shipment to a "corrupt Ukraine), as Pinko Putin —who already controls many of the worlds largest deposits of "Nepheline Cement"—with the exception of the US 3M operations, and Table Mountain, Oregon, depost which by location, location competing with China, was made valid by placement on the Russian cartel map.

I am impressed, however, along with "Red China", for their use of science to pioneer 3D printing of affordable homes that have even show up in Texas. But, that cartel success seems to have led even more control by claim jumping grabbing the Port of Mariopol, named for a nearby Ukrainian Nepheline Syenite AKA Mariupolite (which has many scientific names) deposit taking its name from the nearby port on the Sea of Azov, Ukraine. Which back in the days of business as usual calm this accessible international waterway once used to export to Nepheline Syenite to Poland. And, New Jersey(?).

When used as Peter the Great(?) warriors using a ceramic grade nepheline syenite shield to take back Alaska, as being tested as additional light weight armor on tanks to prevent depleted uranium shaped force shells from penetrating a tank turret with a small hole that destroys a crew by a exploding projectile. These unexplained " bricks" are designed to explode instead.

Also, while thinking clearly for once by putting a traitorous "National Divorce, Military Adventure" argument aside, who really wins when interest rates raise on already unfordable "little miss piggy" stick built homes? Weren't rule of law manipulators suppose to be, "lock-up, lock them up, etc."

If you are saddened by the dazed look of those who lost their "dumb roofs" because a hurricane/tornado came huffing /puffing at their door. Take a look out your window. You could be, as warned, as next.

Then change breaking news channels to watch flood victims crying crocodile tears as their uninsured life-time investment goes down the drain. Tell them to cheer-up for not having drowned for not being a member of a gerrymandered voting district.

The reason for demonstrating the needed Carbon Dioxide Reduction, tied to Super Jumbo Mortgages, is that the US cannot afford to go bankrupt, or for that matter fund yet another TARP protection of a private flow-through, tax advantaged holdings, especially when it comes to a keeping elite class club of multinational cement holdings kicking out 5 to 8% of the worlds Greenhouse gases. Or, as put another way, in academic papers, before, "for every ton of Portland Cement® manufactured, another ton of CO2 enters the atmosphere".

The "small business for the common good" answer lays in the fairly recent development of a Swiss Army knife natural mineral pozzolan. AKA, Nepheline Syenite being presented here as being a way to cutback on manufactured CO2 emissions. And, if used to build sustainable, the affordable, lightweight concrete housing has fire resistant to 3,000 degrees for four-hours; and is hydraulically strong— to resist flash floods, mudslides, and tsunami waves.

Who says ECO-Mining-Milling cannot supply the Geopolymer Chemistry of Al2O3/SiO2 zero carbon cement to build a better mousetrap? Well take a quick look at these academic papers, out of 100s released the past 20-years following this ignored 1993 US Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation "Spillway" Newsletter article by David Moore, P.E.:

As, How a Naturally Formed Nepheline Syenite Alumino-Silicate [Al2O3/SiO2] High Performance Geopolymer ...

... ‘Paste’ Is Being Left Behind In a One-Sided Race to Replace Excessive High Greenhouse Gas [GHG] Production caused by the Manufacturing of an Out-Of-Date Portland Cement Formula.

leave it to a brilliant Marie D. Jackson, Geology & Geophysics Professor, AKA , "Ms Sustainability", that writes historic prose to ....

...reveal the C.A.S.H. formula "Secrets hidden within ancient Roman structures, cementitious materials science are opening new opportunities to develop concrete formulations with improved durability and service life to aid ailing infrastructures and address materials encapsulation needs."

Here is an easier to understand Geopolymer Concrete Government TechBrief, explaining an earlier U.S.Geological Survey "Rock Standard" Report on the Table Mountain deposit.

And for a graphic way to peek inside a geological understanding, here is an early 3rd party Consulting Geological Report, which introduced the presence of two Rare Earths elements, but missed the developing markets.

Whereas a more secretive financial
review saw many more markets than just trying to compete with 3M Arkansas well established roofing tile. How RIA Mines Inc. failed is almost a spy thriller / Rudie Giuliani style computer store mystery.

Part of the reason, besides worldwide political intrigue and climate concerns whipping up an economic uncertainty has a great deal to do with spread between a $100 per ton in-place ore, and the raising world price of milled to 200 mesh Nepheline Syenite ranging lately from $ 400-600 per ton FOB.

So, since this spreadsheet "bottom line" on an almost too good to be true affordable building material that your due diligence research has shown to be more than just "interesting" , let's move on from "A", defining an opportunity, to "B" what it takes to develop a shippable product, where "C" takes over independent marketing —which also requires due diligence reading of original Adobe protected PDF s from being maliciously used for A.I. copy phishing. A warning— always keep an eye out for "." alterations of a chosen .com, .net, .org URL in a browser window, with a country code top-level domain ( ccTLD) other than an automatic US, as .CN for China, and .RU, or .SU as Russian.

Continuing with simple ABC steps:

A) Mineral Equity — as Nepheline Syenite, which individuals have purchased ownership at $100 per ton plus a 2.5% royalty at shipping for both the previous owner, Prospector Barry Murray; and you, the individual risk taker...

B) Mining & Milling that needs separate funding from a buy-in to fund equipment for a ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association LCA to function...

C) Retail Sales going to trademarked retail businesses, to market at a fair price for affordable shelter for all.

After quietly observing for 68 years, working underground with an "industrial mineral" called Carnotite, which gives us the processed material the dangerous name of "Yellow-cake"— I have concluded that a "Pump and Dump" market based upon "love of money"for itself", is as volatile as nuclear energy.

For this reason I have avoided anything to do with competing with private "penny stocks" or the proven insanity of going "public" other than advertising on a unregulated Internet.

Far better to join together "workman worth their hire association" to bring about a collective Total Quality Movement (TQM) product best achieved by a working and equipment investor CO-OP that has already contracted to mine & mill the Table Mountain ore...

..on a all reasonable costs, including amortization, and an upper management salary limit in proportion to beginning hired worker 'contractors'. Plus a 10% royalty contract return which is the ROI for all individual ECO-Mining-Milling owners, when the product flows through for retail marketing by brand name.

The owner of a Bill of Sale Registered In-place Ton of Table Mountain Ore, instead of stock, is offered a growing number of mostly trade mark protected (as FoamKrete™) website stores for on-line sales; or perhaps an outright sale to larger distributors where you keep your 2.5% royalty as a lien; or perhaps work an assisted Barter4Trade real estate transaction.


My prospector's ECO-Minerals-Stockpile, the holder of 32 free and clear "real property" 20 acre BLM claims operating under an approved CFRs for accepted 'grandfathered' in mineral claims that will not need to cut down living trees to go underground. Everything flows through from and ECO-Minerals-Stockpiles.

Yes, there are growing numbers demostrating about a lack of attention by goverments over climate change

Much of the breaking news and popular articles will be supported in a number of "aware" magazines including an "GoGreen is good business", and soon in "ECO-Builders-Magazine which will continue the good fight on social media to make sure that the infrastructure funding doesn't disappear down a wrong rabbit hole.

You might consider joining the ECO-Green-Movement by buying a $1,000 of in-place ton of magical Table Mountain nepheline cement —which comes with a signed, bonus book.

And as this claim holder who wishes to retire after building an "empire, this URL consumer sales site, and perhaps ZeroCarbon-Concrete, which would be better suited for a B to Business totally independent enterprise, obtained by a P to Principle, Barry, at a new phone number "rope trick", below — after checking the URL address above to see if it is a simple, legitimate, dot, com. Just, ask me how you could be a part? Or an outright owner.

Five for One Niner "upside down", then right side up, 1, followed by another Niner 20 Niner

Unfortunately, unless something is done curbing in Media Moguls — the front door into competitors back doors— the Internet as I have know since the early days of a working world wide web of Free Press principles, is almost dead. Instead of "the truth shall set you free" those in control of your dollars use industrial espeonoge to try an eliminate competition.

Meaning I want to build a exit stage left FloatKrete bullet proof cruising cameraman to sail away to another adventure. So, I am waiting for a right contact to establish a safe communication delivered by a verified e-mail introduction, or if that is not properly answered by me within a reasonable length of time,let us reverting back to an old-fashioned Pony Express delivered letter to Barry Murray, POB 1198, Castle Rock, WA 98611 —as I am not worried about a Postal Inspector looking at me for wire or mail fraud. Don't waste your time if you have other ideas.

This old fashioned original thought material is Copyright © 2023 Protected by Mac & Murray Multimedia Inc, established in 1987 as a media publisher and other researchers,
against unfair use principles through A.I. chat distortion supporting opposing views.